5 tips to survive traveling as a couple

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

Traveling as a couple isn’t always easy. Find out 5 incredible tips based on our own experiences, to survive as a couple while traveling

My experiences traveling as a couple

Since I’ve met Jan, we almost always travel together. Of course there are exceptions such as work trips, journeys with friends and family and of course here and there some notorious bachelors weekends. But otherwise he is always my number 1 partner in crime when we take of for a new adventure.

When you always travel together as a couple, for both short trips and longer round trips,  difficult moments can arise. That makes sense because when you travel, you are practically together 24 hours a day. Hence the saying that your partner will only really get to know you if you travel together.

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5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

Jan and I also have those difficult moments. Even though our travel adventures always seem perfect on social media, that’s not always the case.  Over the years we’ve got to know each other better and meanwhile we know how we can best deal with such situations. Based on our own expiriences we have 5 golden tips to survive traveling as a couple. These always help us to meet in the middle.

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple

5 incredible tips to survive traveling as a couple

1.  1 + 1 = 2

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

This is such a simple calculation. But believe it or not, we do sometimes forget to take our partner into account.  To consider your partner doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice everything you want to do to make the other person happy. You’ll have to find a good middle ground.

I’m a real planner and before we leave for a new destination, I ask Jan to look up what he really wants to see or do. I always try to plan his preferences together with the things I want to do. So when traveling we can experience the best of both worlds.

Besides that we like differents activities,  we are also very different personalities. I like to follow the shedule and this can cuase a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). If something changes in the schedule, I can experience al lot of stress as a result. Jan is way calmer in that area and he quickly deals with unexpected changes.

To counter this, we learned along the way that it is  easier not to plan too much or in my words, to plan spare time. In this was everything remains feasible and there is time enough to realize everything without hurry or stress.

Staying at BIG BERRY *** |Primostek | Slovenia

When dividing tasks we also take each other’s strengths into  account. I am usually responsible for planning and storing travel documents. Jan is better at packing electronic devices that are needed for photography, computer, … and makes sure everything is charged. This way we have a set of tasks and we don’t give each other unnecessary stress for being responsible for tasks that we are less good at.

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

2. Open and positive communication

Staying at NH collection Firenze Porta Rossa ***** | Florence | Italy

Living with someone 24 hours a day isn’t easy. Even though you know each other through and through, minor irritations can always arise. That ‘s why it’s important that you also communicate with each other about this. Be constructive and positive when you do this and don’t tear eachother apart. As a result, you also act preventively and outsmart major arguments.

I am a very open and direct person while Jan is a more closed person. Sometimes I can be very direct, making things look much worse than I really mean them. While Jan sometimes keeps irritations inside him till he explodes. Because of this we really had to learn to communicate with each other in the right way.

If I’m sometimes too busy with planning or photo shoots, Jan will now point this out way quicker. When we talk, we always remain constructive and give each other positive feedback. It’s important that we both feel good and happy.

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

A topic that causes irritation and frustration in many relationships are the finances. Nothing is more annoying than worrying about money on your vacation. So agree in advance how much you want and can spend, and how you will divide the costs during. A useful app for this is spiltwise. That’s also a great app to use when you travel with friends.

If you’re traveling on a budget, be sure to check out these tips about how to save up money on food during your travels.

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

3. 2 -1 = 1

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple

No, this is not a maths class. But again that simple calculation to show that you don’t have to do everything together. If you have limited time in certain places and you both want to see something without sacrificing it for eachother, you can perfectly decide to go your own way and tmeet afterwards.

I love strolling around local markets and buying souvenirs. This is less Jan’s thing. He would rather taste a local beer in an authentic bar. After we’ve both done our own thing, it is super cool to see each other again and swap stories.

Staying at Hotel Maison Malesherbes**** | Paris | France

When traveling as a couple you can also take time for yourself during the day. As you can see I like to take a long bath and have a little Me-time. Or we out together, but we each do our own thing. It’s not because you go somewhere together that you cannot take time for yourself.

Staying at Apex Temple Court hotel **** | London | United Kingdom

4. Romance

What do you get on a guided desert trip in Morocco?

Besides time for yourself, it is also of great importance to make time for romance once in a while. This can be a dinner with a beautiful view, enjoying a local wine together in a unique setting or even sharing an adrenaline rush together.

One of my most memorable romantic moments is zip-line across the Tara canyon in Montenegro. Nothing more romantic than declaring your love while dangling over a river, right?

Great places to visit during a winter city trip in Copenhagen | Denmark

Photo diary | Balkan road trip Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple

My personal top 5 of must do’s in Myanmar

5.  Enjoy

In Bruges... for one day | Belgium

One of the most important elements that shouldn’ be missed from your journey is very simple: enjoyment. Even if you want to see, do and experience  a lot during a trip, don’t forget to enjoy the present moment. In unforeseen circumstances, try not to lose patience, but try to keep the humor in it.

5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

Laughing together is important and it also helps to stay positive in less pleasant situations. Jan finds it terrible to pose for photos. We always try to come up with funny scenarios so that it stays fun for him too. Don’t forget to check out these 100 amazing couple travel quotes. Perfect inspiration for a great instagram caption.

Staying at hotel Harmony**** Ghent | Belgium

Great places to visit during a winter city trip in Copenhagen | Denmark

I am aware that these tips seem self-evident, but I know from personal experience that they are quickly overlooked. I hope that as a couple they offer you some guidelines or help you to fully enjoy your journey together.

What was your most romantic moment when traveling together? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading!

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5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

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5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts
5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts
5 tips to survive traveling as a couple without huge fallouts

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4 thoughts on “5 tips to survive traveling as a couple

  1. Stephanie says:

    Super helpful read. My husband and I always end up bickering on trips, but we don’t always let each other do our own thing because we’re so focused on doing everything together and having experiences together. Definitely might be worth a try to split up and explore on our own for a little while. Thanks!

  2. Shafinah Neville says:

    I think travelling with your other half looks much easier than it actually really is, which is why it’s I think amazing you’re sharing this with everyone – I’m pretty sure this is going to be such a nifty read for many travelling couples out there too. ❤️

    • Sarah De Gheselle says:

      Thank you! Indeed, traveling as a couple isn’t always easy and I do hope this post gives some extra tips to think about when traveling together.

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