The ultimate 7 days Malta itinerary

The ultimate 7-days Malta itinerary

Looking for a bit of sun after a cold winter period, we chose Malta as a vaction destination during the Easter holidays. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this unknown Mediterranean island. Frankly, I was only hoping for sunny weather. Once arrived, Malta not only fulfilled my weather expectations, but so much more. On our 7 days Malta itinerary I discovered that this destination isn’t actually an island, but an archipelago that consists of several islands. Malta, one of the smallest countries in the world, has a rich history that you can still experience in historical sites, as well as in its unique culture. Besides that, Malta is also the place to be for nature lovers. Passionate hikers and landscape photographers will be blown away by this versatile country. Malta is definitely one of the best island vacations for families, couples, friends and solo travelers.

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How to get to Malta?

From Belgium or any other country you’ll travel by plane to Malta. You’ll arrive at the international airport on the main island of Malta. From there you can take the bus, taxi or hotel shuttle service to your destination.

You can also opt to rent a car. We always book our rental car with Sunny Cars, which cooperates with local car rental companies. The big advantage when you rent a car at Sunny Cars is that all insurance policies are already included in the price. So you will not be faced with surprises in the form of extra costs when you pick up your car.

Do you really want to go all the way to Malta by car? Then you can take the ferry from Sicily to Valletta via Virtuferries.

How to get around on Malta?

In Malta you can travel by bus. There are several lines connecting the most important destinations.

But if you would like to visit several destinations in one day, I recommend that you rent a car. If you rent a car through Sunny Cars, you can pick it up directly at the airport. This way you can immediately start your Malta itinerary.

Here are some important facts when renting a car: in Malta there’re no highways, you drive on the left side and there is hardly any parking space in the cities. So if you’re planning to visit a city, get there early. If you stay overnight in the area, look for an accommodation with parking facilities.

M car rental & leasing Malta

If you would like to visit the other Maltese islands such as Gozo and Comino, you can take the ferry. From Cirkewwa in Malta there are daily ferries to Mgarr in Gozo at regular times. You can make the crossing here by car, bicycle or as a pedestrian. And even better, you don’t have to pay anything from Malta. You only pay a one-time ticket when you return from Gozo to Malta.

You can also take the ferry to Comino from Cirkewwa from Malta or Marfa from Gozo, but without a car. Or you can opt for an excursion from almost any popular place on the island of Malta.

What is the best travel time for Malta and how much time do you need to explore?

The best time to travel to Malta is from April to November. Then you have the most chance of sunny weather. During the summer months, Malta attracts many tourists and it can get crowded. Then it’s also very hot and less ideal weather for a Malta road trip. That’s why I would advise you to travel Malta during spring or autumn.

How much time you need to discover Malta depends on your travel purpose. Are you looking for a unique, Mediterranean city trip? Then  choose to discover the capital Valletta and the surrounding area for 3 days. If you would like to see more of the island, opt for 5 days. Would you also like to visit the beautiful islands of Gozo and Comino? Then you should definitely go for 6 or 7 days.

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Where to stay in Malta?

This decision also depends on your travel purpose. Would you like to stay in a vibrant city or do you prefer a more peaceful destination inland? Are you looking for a beach holiday or do you prefer an accommodation in the countryside? Do you like to stay in a unique place or can it be a bit more luxurious? With this map from booking you can easily look for the right destination that fits your travel purpose.

If you opt for a Malta road trip, it’s nice to stay at different places. That’s why I’ll also add some tips for different accommodations at every location that’s part of this 7 days Malta itinerary.

The ultimate 7 days Malta itinerary

Day 1: Get lost in Valletta (orange in maps)

Start your 7 days Malta itinerary in the capital Valletta. When entering through the impressive city gate, you won’t immediately feel the historic vibe there. The gate and surrounding buildings were only recently built as part of the Renzo Piano City Gate project. Many residents don’t like the new parliament building that is part of this project and  gave it the nickname ‘the cheese grater’ because of its strange shape.

Renzo gate Valletta

Go a little further into the historic center and wander through the cozy Maltese streets with those typical colorful balconies. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy this beautiful city to the fullest.


The main attraction in Valletta is the 16th-century Saint John’s Cathedral which is completely decorated in Baroque style. If you want to visit this attraction, be sure to avoid peak hours. Another beautiful building that is definitely worth a visit is theatru Manoel. This breathtaking theatre is still used for opera performances. During the day you can visit it for a fee, and take a look behind the scenes.

theatru manoel Valletta
theatru manoel Valletta

Have lunch in bistro Trabuxu where you can taste tasty local dishes and wines.

Would you like to discover more about Malta’s contemporary artists? Then you should definitely pay a visit to MUZA where you can find an extensive national art collection.

Make your way to Upper Barrakka Gardens to attend the saluting battery at 4pm, where a cannon shot will be fired. In these gardens you can also enjoy a beautiful view over the 3 cities. But it can get a bit crowded there. Would you like to wander around in a more quiet place? Then visit the Lower Barakka Garders where you can also enjoy a walk or break in a beautiful scenery.

Upper Barrakka Gardens Valletta

End your visit to Valletta with a visit to Sliema where you ‘ll have an impressive view over the capital of Malta.


Looking for a great restaurant to dine? Then you should definitely go to Wigi’s kitchen in St. Julian’s.

Looking for a place to stay? The beautiful, restored 17th-century palazzo Domus Zamittello in Valletta offers authentic and luxurious accommodation. In Sliema you can also enjoy a wonderful stay at Palazzo Violetta Boutique. Or stay in lthe vibrant area of St. Julian’s and choose for Hotel Valentina where you have a beautiful view from the rooftop pool.

Be sure to check out Getyourguide’s offer below to book the most unique tours in Valletta.


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Day 2: Enjoying picturesque sceneries (blue in maps)

3 cities

After Valletta, it’s time to visit the 3 cities. The 3 cities are literally 3 towns (Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua) with cozy, narrow streets and  spectacular views.

Start your day with a visit to Fort Sint Angelo in Birgu near the 3 cities. This fortress played a major role in Malta’s military past. Inside there is a museum and from on top of the fortress you have an amazing view of Valletta.

uitzicht vanop Fort Sint Angelo over Valletta

To explore the 3 cities in a unique and original way, you must definitely book a tour with the Rolling Geeks. There you can discover the most beautiful and hidden places in Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua through a programmed GPS tour in an electric car. It’s so worth it.

Rolling Geeks in Birgu Malta

3 cities Malta
3 cities Malta

After your Rolling Geeks adventure you can sail from the port of Birgu with a Dghajsa which is a traditional water taxi, to the port of Valletta. It’s fantastic to enjoy this area from the water.

Dghajsa Valletta


Marsaxlokk Malta

Then travel further to the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk where you can admire the authentic, colorful luzzu (fishing boats) along the harbor. This harbor is still used for fishing, so this is the perfect place to eat delicious fresh fish dishes in one of the many restaurants on the boulevard. Relax on a terrace with a wonderful view of the harbor. We ate a delicious meal at Roots restaurant.

Marsaxlokk Malta

Would you like to stay in Marsaxlokk? Then choose a stay in Quaside, a 19th-century restored building with a stunning view of the harbor.

Day 3: Impressive landscapes (green in maps)

Blue Grotto

After spending two days in different towns, it’s time to check out some of Malta’s amazing landscapes. Let’s start with a visit to the Blue Grotto. These are some natural, but very unique sea caves. It’s best to plan a boat trip to this popular attraction in the morning. Then the water in the caves turns 50 shades of blue because of the sunlight. And this effect is exactly what makes these sea caves so special.

Blue grotto Malta

Then travel further to the Dingli cliffs. Along the way you will pass the megalithic temples of Hagar. If you have time, you can always stop here for a quick visit. Further you’ll also pass beautiful nature and quiet, sleeping villages. Here and there you can spot real hidden gems. This is exactly why I love road tripping so much.

Malta rondreis
Malta rondreis
Dingli cliffs

The next stop are the impressive Dingly cliffs. Here you can hike the Panorama road. From there you have a beautiful view of the sea!

Dingli Cliffs Malta

Buskett Gardens

If you can’t get enough of these beautiful Maltese landscapes, be sure to visit one of the greenest areas in Malta, the Buskett gardens. This park was created by the knights for hunting. Today it consists of various Mediterranean crops and orchards. It’s a very pleasant park to cool down during hot summer days. By the way, this is one of the many places in Malta that served as a set for the famous series Game Of Thrones.

Buskett gardens Malta


Rabat near Mdina is a small, but super cozy city to explore. Discover the narrow streets and local shops. Enjoy the authentic Maltese vibe and taste the best pastizzi in Malta, fresh from the oven at Crystal Palace.

Rabat Malta
Pastizzi Crystal Palace Rabat

Besides, here you can also find a Game Of Thrones spot in St. Dominic Convent’s courtyard.

St. Dominic Convent Rabat Malta

You can spend the night in MYN Rabat or Point de vue , where you also have a beautiful view of tthe city Mdina.

Day 4: Soak in culture and history

Rotunda of Mosta

An unmissable sight on the 7 days Malta itinerary is the Rotunda of Mosta. Or otherwise known as the Mosta dome. It’s the largest and most famous church in Malta. The design of the Mosta domo is based on that of the Pantheon in Rome. So it also has a very impressive dome. Not only the exterior is a gem, but the interior is definitely also worth a visit. This church was bombed during the 2nd World War. The bomb fell through the roof during a mass, but didn’t explode. This was considered a miracle.

Mosta Malta

Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar

In Malta you can also go castle hunting, or even better palace hunting. One of the most impressive palaces is Palazzo Parisio. This beautiful palace was completely renovated at the beginning of the 20th century. The interior was inspired by the opulent Italian Baroque. And is still mostly in the same condition as it was then. When you visit, you really get a glimpse of the life of the nobles during that time.

Don’t forget to visit the impressive garden as well. This is the only garden outside Italy that is part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani Collection. Enjoy a wonderful walk under the many citrus trees.

Palazzo Parisio Malta
Palazzo Parisio garden Malta

Be sure to have lunch in Luna restaurant, which is located on the ground floor of Palazzo Parisio. Here you can’t only enjoy great food, but also the beautiful setting.


Mdina Malta

The last stop for this day is a walk through the oldest capital of Malta. Mdina, known from some scenes of Game Of Thrones, is a popular tourist attraction. But this city has so much more to offer. Venture out and discover the beautiful mix between medieval and Baroque architecture.

Mdina Malta
Mdina Malta

You can also opt for a guided walk through Getyourguide.

End your evening at restaurant Bacchus. There you can have a delicious local dinner in a cozy setting. In The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux  you can have an authentic and luxurious stay within the medieval walls of Mdina. This beautiful hotel is housed in a 17th century building and offers unique and exclusive rooms.

Dag 5: Admire stunning views and enjoy a day on the beach. (pink in maps)

Popeye Village

The most famous view in Malta is by far the panorama over Popeye Village. Popeye Village served as the film set for Popeye’s movie. Now it’s a theme park that you can still visit. In short, a very pleasant activity for young and old.

view over Popey Village Malta
Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Malta

Popeye village

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay en Golden Bay

The most beautiful beaches on the island of Malta are by far Ghajn Tuffieha Bay and Golden Bay. These stunning bays are surrounded by impressive rock formations from where you have the most spectacular views. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay can be reached by stairs. It’s a slightly quieter beach that is mostly visited by locals. Golden Bay is a bit more vibrant and attracts more tourists. At both places you have a beautiful sandy beach with clear blue water. Perfect for a day of water fun!

Staying in the neighborhood of these beautiful beaches is possible in Mellieha in Solana hotel & spa and Lure hotel & spa.

Day 5: A day trip to Gozo (purple in maps)

Gozo is often referred to as Malta’s little sister. Gozo may be smaller, but this island has so much to offer. The landscape is so versatile that you can hardly believe that you can find beautiful beaches, impressive rock formations, winding bays, extensive salt flats and lush fields only a few kilometers apart. Often a day trip to Gozo is combined with Comino, but I would still recommend that you really take your time to discover all the beautiful places that Gozo has to offer.

Some locations that shouldn’t be missed on your day trip to Gozo is the orange beach, Ramla bay. When you visit, don’t forget to admire the Tal Mixta cave as well. You can walk there from the beach or go by car. From the cave you have a beautiful view of the orange-colored beach of Ramla Bay.

Ramla bay Gozo

The Qbajjar Salt Flats are by far the most popular attraction on the island of Gozo, but definitely worth a visit. Don’t miss the impressive rock formations of Wied Il-Mielaħ as well.

De zoutvlakten van van Qbajjar Gozo

In Gozo you can stay at Maria’s B&B, a 19th century authentic farm in the countryside of Ghasri. Do you prefer to stay in the city? Then opt for Casa Gemelli Boutique Guesthouse in Victoria. Or would you like a stay near the beach? Then Sweef life Gozo, located just a kilometer from Xlendi beach, is the perfect accommodation for you.

You can also discover Gozo in an original way through Getyourguide. You can opt for different tours that take you along the most beautiful Gozo sights. View the offers below and book the best deals.

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Day 7: Admire the Blue Lagoon in Comino (dark blue in maps)

The Bleu Lagoon has been awarded as one of the most beautiful places in Malta. It’s a shallow bay with beautiful clear blue water and impressive rock formations all around. A wonderful place to relax, swim, snorkel and practice other water sports when the weather is good. It was also one of the locations I was most looking forward to seeing. But unfortunately our excursion was canceled due to bad weather. You can imagine how disappointed I was. Still, I definitely would add this place to the 7 days Malta itinerary because it’s just worth it (so I have heard).

Blue lagoon on Comino island. Malta.

Of course, the Blue Lagoon is very popular with tourists. In the summer months it can get very busy. To avoid a big crowd go very early or later in the day, or better yet, outside the high season. You can also opt for a day excursion from Getyourguide where you visit several beautiful places around Comino by boat. So you can simply enjoy the Blue Lagoon from the boat and then you don’t have to sit on the rocks where it’s rather crowded.

Unfortunately, staying in Comino is only possible in the summer. Then you can book a stay in the only hotel on the island, the Comino hotel.

Our 7 days Malta itinerary was an unforgettable experience. The unique Maltese culture, the beautiful cities and the breathtaking landscape make Malta one of my favorite European travel destinations!

Would you like to go on this 7 days Malta itinerary? Let me know in the comments below.

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The ultimate 7-days itinerary for Malta
The ultimate 7-days itinerary for Malta

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