About Travel With Me

We are passionate travelers, but we also have a busy life style with demanding jobs. Traveling far and long is not always an option for us. We do notice that we sometimes need a breather. That is why this blog focusses mainly on short breaks. This can range from day trips to weekend breaks in a beautiful landscape or in a vibrant city. In short, all destinations that allow us to escape the daily grind.

Of course we love to explore the world and when we have the chance to take a longer vacation, we usually opt for a further destination. That is why we want to discover as many places in that area as possible. We therefore usually choose to do a round trip or a road trip that we plan in advance and gives us the freedom to go wherever we want. For inspiration we like to share our mapped out travel routes with you here.

Furthermore, it is a must for us to stay in the most authentic places. We enjoy luxurious stays, but glamping or spending the night in a campervan is completely our thing as well. You can  find tips and reviews of the accommodations we have already stayed in during our travels.

We hope that this way we can inspire and motivate you to travel even more.

Start exploring here.

About Sarah AKA ‘the blogger’

My name is Sarah. I grew up in Zomergem, a small village close to Ghent in Belgium. Every year as a child I went on vacation with my parents. From my mother I inherited the sense of adventure and the desire to discover unknown places. From my father, I learned to enjoy the local delicious cuisine and find that little bit of extra luxury when searching for the perfect accommodation. These are still important traits that I carry with me whenever I travel

At a later age I enjoyed discovering the world together with friends.
I also developed a passion for photography and wherever I went, I took my camera with me.

Fascinated by traveling, landscapes and cultures, I studied to be a religion and history teacher. Teaching these subject to others I found less satisfying and therefor I chose to work as a special needs teacher.

Currently, I teach youngsters with a intellectual disability and I am studying for my master degree in special needs education. I am a huge advocate of lifelong learning in whatever way is possible.

Within this busy lifestyle, I needed a creative outlet and I found it on instagram. I started to share my travel photos and received a lot of appreciation from fellow travellers.

A love affair

Meanwhile, I met Jan. We shared the same passion for travel, nature, culture, adventure and photography. You could say a match made in heaven. We fell head over heels and he became my partner in crime whenever I took off for a new adventure.

Jan started to participate in the whole instagram story. Together we searched for the best places to photograph while traveling and shared these with our followers on social media. It made us travel more consciously. We felt that this way we discovered more unique places and hidden gems.

Travel with me

We saw our audience on social media growing. Many people started to follow our journey.

On our big road trip through Thailand and Myanmar where Jan also proposed to me, the idea of Travel with me arose. A online travel blog, where we could share our experiences with like-minded travellers.

Since starting this adventure, we have learned to plan our lives better so that we can create more time and resources to travel, we have discovered numerous new places that we never thought to see, we stayed in unique accommodations where we could only dream of, we have made so many new and exciting friends, but above all we are making our dream come true to explore the world step by step.

About sarah de gheselle
About Jan baelus

About Jan AKA ‘the photographer’

Since as long as Jan can remember he always has a great desire and satisfaction creating things. Drawing, painting, sculpting, assembling elements to put them into a work of art, was his thing.

It was clear from a young age that Jan had artistic talent; so choosing a direction for high school was quickly made.
He had a classic arts education nurturing his knowledge and skills. Next he went to the academy of royal arts to practice and study animation film in Ghent.

After graduating he had a few short professional experiences and jobs, but it was hard to find and maintain a steady workflow in this field.

Not really knowing what to make of life Jan made a long journey in Indonesia and his travel addiction was born. After returning home he felt a void. This void was easily filled with working wherever he could to save money to go on another big trip.

These experiences made him richer but also gave him perspective about what he wanted to do in life, which is creating art.

Meanwhile Jan met me in a local pub where we used to hang out. We fell in love and decided to move in together in Ghent. During our relationship the most important thing is that we motivate each other to be best version of ourselves.

Jan got a steady job at a little vfx company. Finally he could do things he was born for. After three years he switched from the film production to entertainment design, working for the biggest leisure and theme park Company in Belgium.

Why we travel

Whenever we can, we travel. It’s our escape to cope with the stresses of our modern day money driven society. We now can share our experiences with anyone who loves to go out and enjoys discovering the world as much as we do.

Our bucketlist

Since childhood we have both dreamed of traveling and seeing/experiencing as much as possible. We have therefore combined our wish lists into one big dynamic bucktlist that is constantly evolving. Follow along to see how we make our dreams come true…



  • Antartica cruise


  • Overnight in a Yurt in Mongolia
  • 14- day trek to Mount Everest Base Camp
  • Cross the Zhangjiajieglass Bridge and great wall of China
  • Spring or fall in Japan
  • Temple hopping in Bagan in Myanmar (July 2017, Bagan)
  • See the Taj Mahal India. (December 2019, Agra)
  • The temples of Angkor Wat Cambodia
  • Cruising the streets of Bangkok in a Tuktuk (July 2017, Bangkok)
  • Take a street food tour in Hanoi
  • Visit the Phraya Nakhon Cave in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand (July 2017, Hua Hin)


  • Backpacking in the Australian Outback


  • balloon flight above Cappadocia
  • The Trans-Siberian Express train


  • Admire the Northern lights
  • Husky Safari in Lapland (March 2019, Rovaniemi)
  • Christmas in Paris
  • Swimming in the Bleu lagoon in Iceland
  • Balkan roadtrip (July 2017, Balkan)
  • Climb a glacier in Iceland
  • Bikeride along the canals in Amsterdam
  • Sleep in a trulli in Puglia Italy (July 2016, Puglia)
  • Visit the natural history museum in London (November, 2018)
  • Islandhopping in Greece
  • Discover as many charming and romantic towns in Germany (August, 2019)
  • Visit the skelligs in Ireland
  • Explore Copenhagen during winter (February, 2019)
  • White nights in Saint Petersburg Russia
  • Whiskey tasting in the highlands
  • Cruising Paris with a vespa (April 2019, Paris)

North America


  • Enjoy a luxury resort on a Polynesian island
  • Milfort sound and Fiordland national park

South America

  • Rum tasting in Cuba
  • Hike the incatrail to Macu Picchu
  • Visit the Aztec ruins in Mexico​​​​​​​
  • Rafting under the Iguazu Falls in Brazil
  • Taking pictures on the Uyuni salt plain
  • Perito moreno glacier