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The most authentic air bnb in De Panne.

Maison Botanique | vakantiehuis |De Panne

Maison Botanique is an authentic Belle époque villa located in the beautiful historic Dumont district. On walking distance of barely 200 meters from the Belgian North Sea Beach and the city center of De Panne.

The district has a dune landscape with many picturesque beach cottages. The streets are formed with the necessary twists, turns and gentle slopes, which also preserve the peace and privacy of the residents.

In our unique air bnb in De Panne you will experience the best of both worlds. On the one hand, an oasis of peace in a beautiful, authentic interior with a contemporary botanical touch. And on the other hand, the vibrant atmosphere with all the pleasures that a stay on the Belgian coast in De Panne has to offer.

Fancy a beach walk at sunset? Or do you prefer cycling in the woods? Are you more of a water sports enthusiast? Or would you rather stay in the sun with a book on the terrace? Maison Botanique and the surrounding area have something for everyone.

Maison Botanique is the perfect stay for couples and families. The airbnb has everything you need for both a weekend getaway and a longer vacation at the sea. Don’t hesitate and choose a unique stay in style and enjoy our cozy air bnb in De Panne.

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