July 2019

City trip Brussels - Travel with me by Sarah De Gheselle

One of my very first travel blogs was this one from Brussels in which I give tips to experience an unforgettable weekend in Brussels.

It was therefore a total surprise that this blog was named one of the 20 best travel blogs about Brussels by Luggagehero on July 17, 2019.

august 2019

Florence is by far one of my favorite cities in Italy. That’s why I was very happy to create a travel guide with the best things to do in Florence.

I’m therefore very proud that my travel guide to Florence was published in August 2019 in the 3rd edition of ESCAPE-OLOGY, an online luxury travel magazine.

Firenze - Florence | Travel with Me by Sarah De Gheselle

october 2019

Ginnie springs | Florida | USA

Our photo of Ginnie Springs was published in one of the most recent articles on Narcity.com. This about the fact that Nestlé wants to use these beautiful natural springs to bottle water. In this way a lot of damage will be done to the natural eco-system of the sources.

We had a great experience in Ginnie Springs and with great love we support the project that wants to prevent the exploitation of these resources. Read the full article here and don’t forget to sign the petition.

January 2020

I recently had an interview with LieveNieuws. A magazine that monthly ends up in the mail of the inhabitants of Lievegem. Lievegem is the new name for a number of merged municipalities in Belgium, including Zomergem, where I grew up. It was a great honor for me, when they asked me if I wanted to tell something more about my journey as a travel blogger for their January edition about traveling. Below you can read the result.

I’m sorry but the article is only available in Dutch.

Sarah De Gheselle interview
Sarah De Gheselle interview

January 2020

During the summer vacation of 2019 we traveled to the Deep South of the United States. On our road trip through no less than 6 states, we also stopped in the picturesque town of Savannah. Savannah is located in Georgia,  also known as the peach town.

We stayed in the beautiful hotel The Alida where we had dinner at restaurant Rhett on the ground floor. In Rhett we enjoyed delicious, local, culinary dishes with a modern twist. The magnificent interior with a nod to the authentic 50ties dinner also contributed to a great evening. In short, we had an amazing time there.

It was therefore a great honor when Visit Savannah asked to publish a photo of us, taken in Rhett, in their 2020 Savannah insider’s guide. You can admire the result on page 32.

Staying at hotel 'the Alida *****' | Savannah | Georgia | USA

January 2021

Belgian travel blog awards

It was quiet around my blog for a while  with the big C, but in January 2021 the new year started well with a nomination for the Belgian travel blog awards, with the article ‘The ultimate guide for the first time in Paris‘ in the category best lifestyle travel.

Unfortunately, the article didn’t win, but being nominated was already a great honor for me. Especially after a year without travel where I mainly had to draw inspiration from my travel memories.

July 2021

In August 2020 we moved from the city to the Belgian coast. A very big change for me. Since we were busy renovating in combination with the big C, I didn’t have much time to travel. That’s why I decided to better learn my new home town ‘De Panne’.

I soon discovered that De Panne has more to offer than just the beach. Looking for the most photogenic spots, I found some hidden gems. When Radio 2 visited De Panne in the series ‘Zot van’, they wanted to find out about my FAVORITE spots in this versatile town.

On July 21, I was interviewed on the radio and my top 5 spots in De Panne were shared on the official radio 2 instagram account.

Interview radio 2
Interview Nina

After a long period without travel, the summer of 2021 was a milestone for many avid travelers. We could travel again! It was therefore no surprise that everyone wanted to plan a trip. 

This also became an important theme in the media. The online magazine Nina gave weekly travel tips. For one of these articles they asked me to share my tips for taking beautiful travel photos. Since this is my passion, I was of course happy to participate in this.

The tips appeared in the form of an interview on July 23, 2021 in Nina. You can read the full article with all my tips for the best travel pictures here.

Februari 2023

In 2023, I received the wonderful news that I had been nominated not once, but twice for the Belgian Travel Blog Awards.

The first nomination was in the ‘Roadtrip’ category for my adventurous journey through Southern Tunisia, and the second was in the ‘Lifestyle’ category for my charming stay in Ortisei, the heart of the Dolomites.

I didn’t win an award, but being recognized for my dedication and stories was an incredible honor in itself. These nominations have only increased my enthusiasm for sharing compelling travel tales!


Maart 2024

Maison Botanique - De Panne

In March 2024, I had the honor of being interviewed by Barts Boekje, a leading travel and lifestyle platform. This platform offers a wealth of articles on various topics such as travel, kid-friendly activities, sustainability, and inspiring interior ideas that are both colorful and affordable.

During the interview, I shared my personal tips for aspiring interior photographers, based on my own experiences in the field. It was a fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for interior photography with a wide audience looking for creative and practical insights. Here you can read the full article.

april 2024

In April 2024, I received the wonderful news that my travel photos of the Vallée du Loir had been selected and purchased to adorn the travel brochure of this beautiful destination.

Vallée du Loir, not to be confused with the more famous Vallée de la Loire, is a relatively unknown region in France. Its pristine nature and authentic character make it an ideal spot for those seeking a relaxing holiday in nature. This picturesque area, with its tranquil landscape along the Loir River, offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Discover more about this breathtaking region in France here.

La Vallée du Loir a vélo