The wanderlust preset collection


Are you a travel blogger or content creator and do you want to excel with beautiful content? Or are you just crazy about traveling and do you attach great importance to capturing beautiful vacation moments?

Then I can help you! As an avid traveler and professional travel blogger, I know better than anyone how important it is to create fast, high-quality and attractive content. But of course I don’t want to spend hours editing while traveling.

That is why I created the wanderlust preset collection, consisting of 15 different presets that use can use you can edit your photos very beautifuly and quickly via the smartphone or desktop. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The Wanderlust preset collection consists of my favorite presets that I created myself during my many travel adventures. Because it is an all-round collection with presets that suit environments with different characteristics, you can apply them to travel photos from all over the world. Stop wasting time and enjoy your trip to the fullest while sharing great content!