The best suitcase for every vacation: The Thule Revolve Spinner

review Thule Revolve Spinner

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As the years pass, the more we travel and the greater our desire for a sustainable, high-quality, handy travel suitcase that we can use for any kind of vacation. Due to our previous positive experience with the Thule subterra carry-on luggage, we decided to ask Thule what kind of luggage would be the best fit for us. We opted for a Thule Revolve Spinner.

Jan and I are versatile travelers. We like to travel by different means of transport, such as by plane, by car or by public transport. We love luxury travel, but we enjoy camping out as well . For us, the best suitcase must be able to handle all these ways of traveling.

We decided to test the Thule Revolve Spinner during our Deep South road trip through the United States and see if this suitcase complied with our requirements.

First impression of the Thule Revolve Spinner

Review Thule Revolve Spinner

The luggage was delivered with UPS service. Since I wasn’t home that day, I had to pick up the package at the UPS collection point. I still remember how hot it was while being stuck in a traffic jam to pick up the package during rush hour in the city centre of Ghent. How I got that big box from the collection point to my car, is still a mystery to me.

When I finally came home and was able to open the box, I saw that all that effort hadn’t been in vain. A beautiful navy blue suitcase emerged from the box. Yes, the eye wants something too! The neutral and sleek design was a deciding factor as well, when choosing this travel suitcase.

My first impression of the Thule Revolve Spinner was very positive. Besides the beautiful design, I also found the size, the organization of the interior, and the mobility of the suitcase very functional. When Jan came home, he was also impressed. He was very pleased with the neutral design, so that we could both use the suitcase.

Review Thule Revolve Spinner

Important facts about the Thule Revolve Spinner

Just a few informative facts about the Thule Revolve Spinner that you can find more in detail on the website .

  • The dimensions of this travel suitcase are 31 x 51 x 75 cm and therefore fall within the permitted dimensions of airline companies. You can also get the Thule Revolve Spinner in other sizes.
  • The Thule Revolve Spinner is a hard shell suitcase made of polycarbonate.
  • This travel suitcase has 4 wheels and can be steered with an extendable handle.
  • The inside consists of 2 large compartments. One half can be closed with a zippered canvas. The other half is open and can be fastened with a belt so that everything remains in place.

review thule revolve spinner

  •  The Thule Revolve Spinner can be closed with a combination lock in the zipper and also has a TSA lock, which is useful when you (like us) travel to the United States.

review thule revolve spinner

Our personal experiences with the Thule Revolve Spinner

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that I have a small obsession with clothing, especially dresses in all models and colors. Well, a woman needs options, both on short- and long trips.

I used the open half of the Thule Revolve Spinner to store my dresses as wide as possible without folding them too much. Since I didn’t feel like ironing on vacation, it was important that everything was kept in its place. I covered the top with a large towel and tightened the belt above, so that everything was firmly in place.

Surprised that I could fit all my dresses in one half, and that the other half was still available for other things, I continued packing. Because I could store so much in the Thule Revolve Spinner, I didn’t need to take my carry-on luggage this time.

review Thule Revolve Spinner

So we left on vacation. It promised to be a long, first trip for our new Thule Revolve Spinner. We started off with a train ride to the airport, followed by 2 flights to the United States, continued with a two-week road trip from one location to another to eventually return home the same way.

Steering the Thule Revolve Spinner went quite smoothly. The 4 wheels and the extendable handle made sure that I could let the suitcase roll next to me, without too much trouble. Even when obstacles appeared such as small steps or escalators, I could quickly tilt the suitcase on two wheels. I found the Thule Revolve spinner very mobile and deft.

review Thule Revolve Spinner

When lifting the Thule Revolve Spinner, for example when boarding the train, or lifting it in the car or on baggage claim in the airport, I used the second handle on the side of the suitcase . This was easier to lift the luggage

Arrived at the first destination, I was very satisfied when opening the travel suitcase. Everything was still in the same place, including my dresses. So I didn’t have to iron anything, before I left the hotel.

Review Thule Spinner Revolve

Because we almost never stayed at the same destination for more than 2 or 3 days, I never took my dresses out of the suitcase. The Thule Revolve Spinner was my personal mobile wardrobe. I just took out what I needed and made sure that I put everything back neatly. This was possible thanks to the hard shell and the belt, which kept everything in its place.

At the end of the trip, we decided to store the fragile souvenirs in the Thule Revolve Spinner. Since we noticed, during the trip, that the hard shell suitcase could take a punch and that everything remained in place. That was a very good decision, because all our souvenirs arrived in one piece in Belgium.

What I found very useful and actually used a lot was the combination lock. At some hotels we hadn’t a safe in the room. Because we travel with a lot of electronics, it was important that we could leave it safely in the room. When there was no safe available, I placed the electronics in the Thule Revolve Spinner and locked it with the combination lock. That way we could enjoy trips without worrying about our stuff.

Our descision

After our first trip with the Thule Revolve Spinner I can say with great conviction that this suitcase possesses all the qualities that we’re looking for in a good luggage, such as a beautiful design, easy to use, high-quality and sustainable. In short, the best travel suitcase that we can take with us during all our vacations regardless of the destination, the means of transport or the purpose of the trip.

Review Thule Revolve Spinner

Thank you for reading.

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Review Thule Revolve Spinner

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