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Together with my fiancé I travel around the world. Our goal is to discover this beautiful planet step by step at our own pace.

For us, traveling is more than going on vacation. It is a lifestyle.

We therefore fully enjoy all aspects that new places have to offer us. This varies from active nature vacations, city trips, beach holidays, cultural trips to of course indulge in the delicious local cuisine. During our adventures we love to stay in the most authentic environments.

In addition to traveling, we both have a great passion for photography. We love to capture beautiful images to inspire others to travel even more.

That is why we decided to share our experiences online via social media and a written blog. We saw our audience grow and

decided to collaborate with various hotels and lifestyle brands.

We love creating beautiful content for companies who want to share their story with the world.

Are you interested in a collaboration? Do not hesitate to fill in the contact form below and ask for our mediakit.

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