4 tips to travel the world with a full time job

June 25, 2019

Domburg, The Netherlands


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Are you a hardworking man or woman with a passion for travel? Do you  sometimes feel that your job  gets in the way of realizing the urge to travel? Well, here are 4 useful tips to help you plan your vacations better and more efficiently so that you can travel even more in addition to your demanding job.


No, this is not a blog post to convert to become a digital nomad. It is a blog full of very simple and useful tips and tricks from 2 experienced experts, in particular Jan and I.



Even though my instagram account makes it appear that we travel all the time, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's indeed our dream to discover the world together, step by step. Because yes, we both have a full time job that we're also passionate about.  It isn't our ambition to travel full time. We love the variety. And that is what makes traveling extra special for us. It is the ideal way to escape from the busy daily life, recharge our batteries and then go back in good spirits. Moreover, every time we travel we enrich ourselves  with new inspiration and we have a satisfying feeling when we return. With this said, it's proven that you don't have to be a digital nomad to explore the world.


Curious to see which countries and areas we still want to explore? Check out our bucket list.


1- Strategic planning







The most important thing is to plan your vacation strategically. At the beginning of every new year we buy a calendar and start planning our vacations. The very first thing we do, is check when there are bank holidays or extended weekends. We try to plan our leave connected to these holidays. In this way we create longer weekends so that we save some of our limited leave days. For example, we planned a 6-day trip to Malta during the Easter weekend and we only had to take 3 days off from work  because of the extended weekend.






 Gozo, Malta


This doesn't mean that we can no longer do spontaneous trips. The period may be fixed, but the destination can be a surprise until the moment we leave.


Normandy, France


2- Shorter trips on a regular base


These days you can fly to a lot of destinations for a very low price on regular times. You can also reach the most beautiful  destinations quickly by car. That is why we often opt for shorter trips throughout the year, but on a regular base.


 London, UK


We always try to find  the right balance between active city trips and quick getaways with an emphasis on nature, hiking and relaxing. You can find more tips about beautiful and original destinations in the corresponding sections on the homepage.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Burg Eltz, Germany


 Pisa, Italy


3- Staycations


Traveling is also possible in your own country. We often associate traveling with exploring other countries. And sure, traveling abroad sounds maybe  a bit more exotic.


 Domburg, The Netherlands


But you can perfectly experience the feeling of traveling in your own country too. Go on a weekend getaway or even a fun day trip. Believe me, a staycation can work miracles.


 Antwerp, Belgium


 Dinant, Belgium


4- Road trips


 Atlas mountains, Marocco


For a further destination we usually opt for a time period of 2 or 3 weeks. Here as well, we try to take a period that includes a few holidays. The Christmas period for example, is a great time to save up some leave days.  This  Christmas holiday we traveled through South Africa.


 Chapmans Peak, South Africa


When we choose a further destination, we always try to plan a road trip or a tour. That way we can use the time we spend there as efficiently as possible by seeing and experiencing as much as possible. Not everything has to be planned down to the last detail, but be sure to know in advance which places you want to visit and how long you will be traveling from one destination to another. Last summer, for example, we did a road trip through the Balkans and we were able to visit no fewer than 3 countries extensively in 2 weeks time.


 Bohinj, Slovenië


I hope these tips help you to travel more in combination with your full-time job.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this blog post, please leave a message below.


Yours truly,





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