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June 19, 2019


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Do you know that the country Malta consists of multiple islands? The main island of Malta which you all know, and many smaller islands  such as Gozo and Comino.


When I asked several people for travel tips about Malta, everyone recommended me a visit to the island of Gozo. This smaller, but non less impressive, sister of Malta is best known for its authenticity and beautiful landscapes.


I certainly wanted to experience this with my own eyes and planned a day trip to Gozo during our stay in Malta, with a visit to the most memorable places.


Gozo is a very small island, but has so much to offer. It's very versatile and there is certainly something for every taste. It varies from orange beaches with azure blue coasts to immense salt plains, enchanting bays, lush countryside and the most impressive rock formations. With this photo guide you will discover all the most beautiful and photogenic spots in Gozo.



From Malta to Gozo


Now, how can you travel from the island of Malta to Gozo island and return? It has never been so easy. From Cirkewwa in Malta, ferries sail daily at regular times to Mgarr in Gozo.


You can make the crossing by car, by bicycle or as a pedestrian. And even better, you don't have to pay anything from Malta to Gozo. Only when returning from Gozo to Malta you have to pay a one-time ticket.


On arrival at the spots where the ferries dock, everything is well marked. Sometimes you just have to wait a little, but all in all everything goes pretty smoothly. Once parked on the ferry, I advise you to get a seat somewhere in the ferry as quickly as possible. Especially during the high season it can get quite busy on the ferry, so sometimes there aren't enough seats.  If you're unlucky you'll have to stand. And if you quickly suffer from seasickness like me, that isn't the best idea. The crossing takes about 30 minutes.


On this site you can find more information about timetables and prices.



The most photogenic spots in Gozo



1- San Blas Beach



The first place I'll introduce you to is San Blas Beach. This is a small, secluded beach with orange sand and stunning rock formations. The beach is only accessible via a narrow, steep road from the nearby village. However, the last part is not accessible to vehicles, so we had to walk down. The steep path downwards scares many people away, so the beach receives fewer visitors than the other popular, much-visited beaches on the island. Personally, I don't mind because I don't like overcrowded beaches. The small, dreamy bay in an enchanting, natural setting is therefore not only perfect for an excellent photo shoot, but also for a day of water fun or even a romantic sunset.



2- Tal mixta cave



A must-do in Gozo is a visit to the Tal Mixta Cave. This is a beautiful, natural cave that is located in the top of a rock. From here you have a breathtaking view of Ramla Bay. The cave can be reached via a hike from Ramla Bay beach. I've heard that the trail is  gorgeous, well-marked and not too intense at all. Since we didn't have much time, we decided to try the other way. Someone explained we could reach the top of the rock by car as well and descend via some stairs to enter the cave.  Once we reached the top of the rock and parked the car, we didn't know exactly where to go. The road to the cave was not indicated and we were on private property. When we saw some other people walking to the edge of the rock, we decided to follow them. They walked past the house on the right, towards the garden. Suddenly we noticed a very small staircase down, to the left of the garden. You really have to look very carefully to find it!



When we descended the stairs, we immediately entered the cave. And our expectations were fully met when we witnessed this breathtaking view.  We took a moment to enjoy the panorama over the spectacular Ramla Bay.



Remember that the cave is a favorite tourist attraction. If you want to take some sublime shots, try to avoid rush hours and go in the mornings.


3- Ramla bay



Ramla Bay is one of the best known and most extensive beaches of Gozo. This because of the beautiful orange color of the sand and the azure blue color of the Mediterranean sea. In other words, a paradise for lovers of orange teal edits. The setting is very photogenic and therefore it attracts many visitors. When we started photographing, we even got some spectators. Which Jan didn't like at all.



It can get very busy here during high season. Many sun- and water lovers are looking for a spot on this beautiful beach to spend their hot summer days. So keep this in mind if you intend to photograph here during the summer.


4- Salt plains of Qbajjar



The salt plains in Gozo are one of the most popular sights. And not for nothing, because they are very spectacular. This area is located along the North coast of Gozo. There you can admire, as far as the eye can see, salt pans floating on the sea surface.


I was completely blown away by the more than 350-year-old salt pans that are passed on from generation to generation and are still used for salt production. Again a very photogenic spot where you can take impressive pictures. We climbed on the rocks on the other side of the sea to find a good viewpoint. From there we had a good and original perspective to visualize the salt pans.



Many photographers would like to take a photo on top of the salt pans. However, this is not nice for the locals and also not safe at all. The walls between the salt plains, crumble when being stepped on.  At some spots walking on the salt pans is already prohibited. Please consider that these are still used by the locals and that this is their job.


5- Wied Il-Ghrasi



From the dry salt plains to the Wied Il-Ghrasi bay in the middle of nature. How wonderful and varied can this island be? Again I was so surprised by this new and very unique location.


After a short descent via stairs made out of stones, we arrived at a small peaceful beach covered with boulders. With in between two rocks, a narrow, long and winding bay that leads to the sea.



When we climbed over the rocks, we could walk towards the sea alongside the bay. Here some people looked for a quiet place to sit. We also stopped to just admire and enjoy the mesmerizing scenery for a moment.  However I could easily spend a whole day here.




On this location you can mainly shoot unique and adventurous landscape photos.


6- Wied Il-Mielaħ



In 2017 the most famous rock bridge "The Azure Window" in Gozo collapsed. This is also the location where the marriage of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones series was shot.


If you like colossal and impressive rock formations like us, than Wied-Il-Mielah is a good alternative.



7- Countryside



On the way from Wied Il-Ghrasi to Wied Il-Mielah we drove along the most winding and breathtaking roads through the countryside of Gozo. During the spring when everything is blossoming, this is the ideal place for a bike ride or a brisk hike. We kept our eyes peeled and stopped by the road once in a while to take a snapshot.



Restaurant Tip


Along the way we stopped for a delicious lunch in Qbajjar restaurant, within walking distance of the salt plains. We enjoyed the real traditional Mediterranean cuisine with all its benifits.



If you are traveling to Malta soon, you now know all the most beautiful and photogenic locations on the island of Gozo. So don't hesitate to plan a day trip to Gozo or to stay there for a longer period of time.


Thank you for reading.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this blog post, please leave a message below.


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