Free lightroom preset for stunning vacation photos

Download my free preset for stunning vacation photos

Are you a travel blogger or content creator and do you want to excel with beautiful content? Or are you just crazy about traveling and do you attach great importance to capturing beautiful vacation moments? Then I can help you! As an avid traveler and professional travel blogger, I know better than anyone how important it is to create fast, high-quality and attractive content. And I have the perfect tool for that: Lightroom presets. In this blog I tell you what Lightroom presets are and why every content creator or blogger uses them. And as a bonus you’ll get a free Lightroom preset to start editing your travel photos

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What are Lightroom presets?  

When it comes to photo editing, everyone is talking about Lightroom presets. But what exactly are presets? In short: presets are a kind of photo filters that you can place on a photo to make it look more professional.

However, presets contain various photo edits that have been already set for you. With one click on the button you can turn your favorite travel shots into real gems. But you are also free to further adjust your photo to your liking.

The best part is that you don’t have to waste hours on your laptop or smartphone editing your photos anymore. Ideal if you want to share travel adventures on social media, make a beautiful photo album or immortalize your favorite moments on the wall in your living room.

My Lightroom presets

With editing you can put your own stamp on your photo by developing your own style. This obviously takes some time and practice. I started my instagram account in 2015. And if you scroll all the way back you can clearly see a development in my style. At the start I didn’t really know what I was doing and I mainly followed the trendiest styles on instagram, going from very bright photos over to pastel colored photos and later photos with that typical orange teal edit,… These styles are very nice in their own right, but didn’t work for me.

It was only when I started to learn more about photography that I also gained more insight into photo editing. I would describe my personal style as fairly natural, because I want to stay as close to reality as possible. As a travel blogger I think it is important to put destinations on the map as they are. Of course, this does not alter the fact that I will accentuate and enhance certain colors to really make the photo come to life and accentuate the best features of a place.

So the past year I developed several Lightroom presets. This way I never have to start from scratch and I don’t lose hours of editing work. To assist you, I’ve curated my 10 favorite presets into my Signature Styles preset collection. With this collection, you can effortlessly enhance your photos on both your smartphone and desktop. Exciting, right? Don’t wait any longerfully immerse yourself in your travels while sharing stunning content! 

Free Lightroom preset

Download my most versatile and subtle Lightroom preset, ‘Sunkissed,’ from my Signature style bundle for free here. It’s the perfect starting point for breathtaking vacation photos. 

Sunkissed beforeSunkissed after
Sunkissed beforeSunkissed after

This subtle editing technique lightens skin tones and enhances natural highlights, giving each photo a warm, inviting glow. Whether you want to refresh a vacation snap of your friends, family, or yourself, the ‘Sunkissed’ preset transforms your images to a level of professional beauty with just one click. 

Ideal for anyone who wants to give their photos a natural and sunny look. Use ‘Sunkissed’ to make your special moments even more beautiful and capture the atmosphere of a perfect summer day. 

Subscribe to my newsletter now and receive this Sunkissed preset via an email link, including a handy installation guide. And that’s not all! You’ll also receive my e-book full of tips for the best vacation photos. 

Curious about the other presets in the Signature Styles preset collection? Check them out here! 

How can you use Lightroom presets? 

All preset bundles can be used with photo editing program Adobe Lightroom. You can use these in the paid desktop version of Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom CC. And also in the free Adobe Lightroom mobile app. For this you will receive 2 different types of files. The XMP files are for the desktop version and the DNG files are for the mobile app.

Whether you download my free preset or purchase a preset bundle in my shop, you will immediately receive your presets by email, including a PDF with step-by-step plan to import your presets on both desktop and smartphone without any problems. So you can get started right away!

Can you use your Lightroom preset on all photos? 

You can use Lightroom presets in on JPG files as well as on RAW files. But if you still want to edit photos with presets, I would still recommend taking photos in RAW format if this is possible on your camera. I’ll explain why.

When you take a photo in JPEG format, it will be reduced in size. This is useful if you don’t have to edit your photos too much and want to share them quickly. If you still want to do a lot of post-processing, this will be at the expense of image quality.

If you take your photos in RAW format, the settings you use will be saved. This ensures that you can subsequently adjust these settings in Lightroom or another photo editing program to your personal preferences. These files are much larger, but the quality is preserved as much as possible.

Is a preset a quick fix photo filter?  

A preset is certainly not a quick fix photo filter. It is the starting point with a number of preset photo edits. Much depends on when you took the photo. If the white balance and exposure are absolutely perfect while taking your photo, it is possible that a preset immediately has the desired effect. This is often not the case and you still have to adjust a number of things in Lightroom yourself. This is why a preset works better on RAW files.

So don’t be disappointed if a preset doesn’t immediately have the desired effect. In the instruction guide that comes with the free Lightroom preset, you’ll find some tips that can help you make your preset stands out more.

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Download my free lightroom presets for stunning vacation photos
Download my free lightroom presets for stunning vacation photos

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