The best things to do in Cape Corse, Corsica

The best things to do in Cape Corse, Corsica

Corsica is a breathtaking island in the Mediterranean Sea that offers a wealth of natural beauty and cultural richness. When it comes to discovering the highlights, Cape Corse – the northern peninsula of the island – should not be missing from your Corsica itinerary. In this blog post, I will take you along some of the best things to do  in Cape Corse in Corsica.

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Cape Corse 

The Cape Corse peninsula stretches for approximately 40 kilometers and is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Ligurian Sea to the east.

What makes Cape Corse in Corsica so unique is the combination of dramatic coastlines, charming villages, and unspoiled nature. The rugged coastline is characterized by steep cliffs, hidden coves, and breathtaking views of the azure blue waters. Here, you can find some of Corsica’s most beautiful and secluded beaches, including the famous black pebble beach of Nonza.

In addition to its natural beauty, Cape Corse has a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations. The area has a legacy of Genoese influence, which is still evident in the numerous Genoese towers scattered along the coast. These towers were once used as lookout points and defensive fortifications and now offer historical insights and panoramic views for visitors.

Cap Corse, Corsica

Cape Corse is also home to an abundance of charming villages that reflect traditional Corsican culture. Narrow cobblestone streets, pastel-colored houses, and lively squares create a picturesque setting where you can wander and experience the local lifestyle. The local cuisine, a delightful blend of French and Italian influences, offers an extensive range of flavors, including local cheeses, wines, and seafood.

Cap Corse, Corsica
Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica

In short, this northern peninsula is an absolute must-do for nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and culture lovers who crave an unspoiled slice of Corsican beauty.

How to get to Cape Corse?

Traveling to Cape Corse is a bit more challenging if you don’t have your own vehicle. So it’s a little similar to the Gulf of Porto. Public transportation options are quite limited, and you can hardly rely on them. The nearest major city is Bastia, which is accessible by public transportation. Bastia also has an airport. From Brussels S. Charleroi, you have the option to fly directly to Bastia. Additionally, there are several ferries from France and Italy that travel to the port of Bastia, making it ideal if you want to start your road trip there.

If you plan to continue your journey from Bastia to Cape Corse, it’s best to rent a car. This is also the easiest way to explore the various attractions in this region. When renting a car, we always choose Sunny Cars. The significant advantage of renting a car from Sunny that all insurances are already included in the price. So, you won’t encounter unpleasant surprises in the form of extra costs when picking up your car.

Are yiu traveling with your own car or camper from your home destination, then there should be no problem reaching Cape Corse.

If you’d like to learn more about driving in Corsica, be sure to check out my 10 Corsica travel tips you need to know before you go.

Don’t have much time to spend in Cape Corse? But do you still want to get a taste of this beautiful region? Then you can opt for a day excursion from Getyourguide. You’ll depart from Bastia and visit the various highlights of Cap Corse.

How many days you need to discover Cape Corse?

To discover Cape Corse, I would recommend a minimum of 3 days. This will give you ample time to explore both Cape Corse, the beautiful wine region of Patrimonio, and the historic coastal city of Bastia.

While it’s possible to visit multiple attractions in one day, I strongly advise taking your time to fully enjoy this beautiful region. There is so much to discover and experience that you can easily stay longer without ever getting bored.

Where to stay in Cape Corse?

In my quest to ensure your Cape Corse getaway is truly unforgettable, I went looking for the most authentic and unique accommodations to stay.

Hôtel Casa Mea

Located on the charming coast of Bastia, Hôtel Casa Mea offers an elegant and comfortable base for those seeking an authentic experience in this picturesque city. The hotel is conveniently situated in close proximity to the port of Bastia, making it easily accessible for travelers arriving via ferry connections or from the mainland and other parts of Corsica.

hôtel Casa Mae, Corsica

The rooms at Hôtel Casa Mea are designed with attention to detail, offering a refined and homely atmosphere. You can enjoy comfortable beds, modern amenities, and stunning views of the ocean or the surrounding city. Whether it’s a cozy single room or a more spacious suite, each room exudes a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

hôtel Casa Mae, Corsica

The hotel offers a range of facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible. These include an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush gardens, perfect for relaxing under the sun.

hôtel Casa Mae, Corsica
hôtel Casa Mae, Corsica

Hôtel Casa Mea offers various culinary options that reflect the flavors of Corsica. The hotel’s own restaurant serves delicious dishes prepared with fresh and local ingredients. Furthermore, there is a cozy bar where you can enjoy a drink, ranging from local wines to exotic cocktails.

hôtel Casa Mae, Corsica

With its convenient location in Bastia, Hôtel Casa Mea is the perfect stay for those seeking a blend of relaxation, culture, and hospitality in this beautiful coastal city.

Hôtel La Dimora & Spa- Les Collectionneurs

Hôtel La Dimora & Spa is a luxurious retreat located in the idyllic harbor town of Saint Florent, within walking distance of historical attractions, local markets, and breathtaking landscapes. The hotel is renowned for its sophistication and excellence, offering a unique combination of luxurious rooms, extensive facilities, and stunning views of the surrounding nature.

Hôtel La Dimora & Spa, Corsica

The rooms at Hôtel La Dimora & Spa are a model of elegance and comfort. Each room is designed with attention to detail and offers a harmonious blend of modern amenities and classic elements. You can enjoy spacious rooms with plush beds, luxurious bathrooms, and beautiful views of the surrounding environment.

Hôtel La Dimora & Spa, Corsica
Hôtel La Dimora & Spa, Corsica

The highlight of Hôtel La Dimora & Spa is its extensive wellness area. Here, you can immerse yourself in jacuzzis, saunas, and heated pools or indulge in the spa, which offers invigorating treatments and relaxing therapy sessions.

Hôtel La Dimora & Spa, Corsica

The hotel’s gourmet restaurant offers culinary delights. With a focus on local and seasonal ingredients, the restaurant presents an elegant menu that celebrates the culinary traditions of the region. The wine list is carefully curated to complement the dishes perfectly, promising you a delightful culinary experience.

Hôtel La Dimora & Spa, Corsica

In short, Hôtel La Dimora & Spa – Les Collectionneurs is the perfect retreat for those seeking luxury, elegance, and relaxation. Moreover, it’s the ideal base for those looking to explore Cape Corse.

Aethos Corsica

Aethos Corsica is an enchanting retreat deeply rooted in the natural beauty of Corsica. The location of Aethos Corsica in Oletta plays a crucial role in its allure. The hotel is situated atop a hill, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Additionally, it is conveniently positioned between Bastia and Saint Florent.

Aethos Corsica

All rooms at Aethos Corsica embody elegance and comfort. The light-filled rooms are designed to create an oasis of tranquility. You can see that they have been carefully furnished with attention to detail. A bonus is the beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. Here, you can enjoy pure relaxation and escape from the daily routine.

Aethos Corsica

At Aethos Corsica, well-being takes center stage. The highlight of this hotel is undoubtedly the wellness area where you can indulge in relaxing treatments and rejuvenating therapies. From massages to aromatherapy, you can immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and renewed energy.

Aethos Corsica

The hotel’s restaurant offers a menu crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients that tantalize the taste buds with authentic Corsican flavors. The emphasis is on creating an unforgettable dining experience that reflects the island’s rich culinary heritage.

Aethos Corsica

Aethos Corsica is the perfect retreat for those seeking peace, relaxation in a natural setting. Here, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience that stimulates the senses.

Hôtel Pineto

Hôtel Pineto, located on the enchanting Corsican coast, offers an idyllic retreat for those longing for a relaxing stay on the Corsican shore.

Hôtel Pineto, Corsica

With its convenient location in Biguglia, in close proximity to beautiful beaches and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, the hotel offers the opportunity to enjoy the best that Corsica has to offer. Its proximity to the natural surroundings also makes it an excellent base for beach enthusiasts and adventurers who want to hike, swim, and explore the coastline.

Hôtel Pineto, Corsica

The rooms at Hôtel Pineto are comfortable and welcoming. Each room is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. You can expect modern amenities, a pleasant decor, and often a private balcony or terrace to enjoy the view and the fresh sea air.

Hôtel Pineto, Corsica

Hôtel Pineto offers numerous facilities, all aimed at providing you with the most enjoyable experience possible. On hot days you can unwind at  outdoor swimming pool, while gardens and terraces invite relaxation and enjoyment of the surroundings. The friendly staff is ready to assist with any questions and requests, making you feel right at home.

Hôtel Pineto, Corsica

The hotel’s restaurant serves delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, often sourced from local producers. You can enjoy Corsican specialties and international cuisine, all in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Hôtel Pineto, Corsica

Hôtel Pineto is the perfect accommodation for anyone seeking a relaxing stay on the Corsican coast.

The best things to do in Cape Corse

A popular way to explore Cape Corse is simply by following the coastal road ‘Route du Cap’ all around the peninsula. However, please note that a direct east-to-west crossing through the mountains is not possible. Occasionally, you can deviate from this route and venture more inland to visit the picturesque wine villages in the hills. This route provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy the coastline, the beaches, and the charming villages.

Cape Corse, Corsica

The east and west sides of Cape Corse each have a unique character. While the west coast of Cape Corse impresses with its wild, rugged beauty and authentic fishing culture, the east coast charms with its gentler landscape, picturesque villages, and winemaking traditions. Both sides offer unique experiences, and it’s worth spending time exploring both sides of this beautiful peninsula.

Cape Corse, Corsica
Cape Corse, Corsica

This diverse peninsula is home to numerous beautiful spots. Below, I’ll go over some of the must-see attractions on Cape Corse.

Climb the nearly highest mountain of Cape Corse, Monte Stello 

For the adventurous souls among us, an exciting adventure awaits. Monte Stello, with its impressive height of 1,307 meters, is nearly the highest mountain in Cape Corse, surpassed only by the Cima di e Follicie, which stands at 1,324 meters.

If you enjoy hiking, get ready for a challenging trek. The hiking trail starts approximately 6 kilometers north of Bastia, where the D54 from Lavasina ascends to Pozzo. There, you turn left at the Capuchin Monastery and continue your way to Piazza Santa Catalina. From this point, you can hike up Monte Stello on foot.

The highlight of this hiking trail  is undoubtedly the magnificent view. This panorama stretches from the Désert des Agriates and the beach of St-Florent to several bays on both the west and east coasts of Cape Corse. On a clear day, you can even see the island of Elba on the horizon.

So, this hiking trail is a fantastic way to enjoy the stunning scenery that Cape Corse has to offer. However, be prepared as it’s not an easy hike, but it’s definitely worth it for those who love adventure.

Stroll through the charming fishing village Erbalunga 

An enchanting spot on the east coast of Cape Corse is the charming fishing village of Erbalunga. Erbalunga, also known as “Urbalunga” in Corsican, was once the main port of Corsica. Now, it is a cozy place where you can experience the unique atmosphere of Cap Corse.

One of the most striking features of Erbalunga is the picturesque old harbor where the Genoese tower, Torra d’Erbalunga, immediately catches the eye.

Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica
Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica

The winding, cobblestone streets of the village are filled with cozy cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. This historic center is an ideal place to wander and soak up the local culture while admiring the architectural beauty.

Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica
Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica
Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica

Another attraction of Erbalunga is its gastronomy. The village is home to several excellent restaurants where you can savor delicious Corsican dishes, including freshly caught fish, local cheeses and charcuterie, and dishes prepared with the finest Corsican ingredients.

Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica
Erbalunga, Cape Corse, Corsica

From Erbalunga, you can also venture inland to visit the mountain village of Castello, where you can find an ancient castle ruin.

Hike the ‘Sentier des Douaniers’ trail 

The most beautiful hike in Cape Corse is undoubtedly the “Sentier des Douaniers,” also known as the “Customs Path.” This iconic coastal hiking trail in Cape Corse was once used by customs officers. Along this coastal road, they checked people for smuggling.

This stunning hike runs along the northernmost point of Cap Corse. It’s the perfect way to explore the natural beauty and protected wildlife and flora unique to this region.

The “Sentier des Douaniers” is 26 kilometers long and not very challenging. You can hike the entire route in one day, but you can also take your time and opt to do it over two days. This hiking trail starts at the port of Macinaghju and ends at the port of Centuri. However, the route is divided into 3 stages: Macinaghju-Barcaghju, Barcaghju-Tollare, and Tollare-Centuri. So, you can also choose to do only a portion of this hike.

Some of the highlights during this hiking trail:  

Tamarone Beach is not only a beautiful beach where you can seek refreshment in the azure waters but also an opportunity to enjoy unique fauna and flora. Tamarone Beach is part of the Natura 2000 area, which also includes the Finocchiarola Islands that border the coast. Continue walking beyond the beach for a stunning view of these islands.

Tamarone beach, Cape Corse, Corsica

The Chapel of Santa Maria was originally constructed in the 12th century on the remains of an ancient Christian church. Along the bay of Santa Maria, you’ll also come across the remains of a Genoese tower, further enriching the history of this enchanting location.

Santa Maria, Cape Corse, Corsica

The bay at Barcaggio is known for its crystal-clear waters, inviting you for a refreshing swim. It’s the perfect place to relax for a while.

Tollare houses a historic port with an impressive Genoese tower, bearing witness to the maritime history of this area.

Tollare Cap Corse, Corsica

At Capo Grosso, you have a fantastic viewpoint. Furthermore, you can hike from here to Moulin Mattei while enjoying enchanting views of the surroundings.

At the end of this adventurous trail, you’ll come across Centuri, a charming place where your taste buds are treated to delicious fish, shellfish, and seafood, straight from the sea to your plate. A perfect ending to your hike.

Many of these highlights are also accessible via inland roads by car.

Admire the  Finocchiarola Islands

The Finocchiarola Islands in the northeast of Cape Corse are three rocks that together barely cover 3 hectares. Nevertheless, they are a well-known attraction on the peninsula. Terra is the island closest to the coast, followed by Mezzana in the middle. Finally, there is Finocchiarola, the most spectacular island of them all, with the remains of a Genoese tower.

Finocchiarola islands, Cap Corse, Corsica

The Finocchiarola Islands form a bird reserve where no one is allowed between March and August. This is because the rare Audouin’s Gull finds its breeding grounds here. You can recognize them by their black wingtips with white spots and their red-black striped beak. Sometimes you can also see them in action as they dive with their heads into the water to find food.

Audouins Meeuw, Audouin's Gull

These enchanting islands can only be reached on foot. Leave your car at the parking lot near Tamarone Beach and hike along the customs path that stretches along the coastline. As you walk, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the coastline. Soon, the outlines of the Finocchiarola Islands become visible. After about 20 to 30 minutes of hiking from Tamarone Beach, you’ll arrive at the beach of these beautiful nature reserve islands.

Enjoy the view at Moulin Mattei  

At the tip of Cap Corse, in the village of Ersa, stands the Moulin Mattei. This authentic white windmill with its conical roof covered in red tiles was recently restored by the renowned Mattei family, famous for their delicious Corsican aperitif.

Moulin Mattei is visible and accessible along the D80 between Centuri and Macinaggio. You can park briefly in the parking area and then walk to the mill. The climb takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the mill is currently not open to visitors, but don’t be discouraged. The highlight here is undoubtedly the breathtaking view! On a clear day, you can even see the Tuscan islands and the Italian coast.

Moulin Mattei, Cap Corse, Corsica
Moulin Mattei, Cap Corse, Corsica
Moulin Mattei, Cap Corse, Corsica

From this viewpoint, your gaze is drawn to the enchanting fishing village of Centuri, which is definitely worth a visit as well. The port of Centuri is known as the liveliest in all of Cap Corse. Here, fresh catches of fish, lobster, and crayfish are brought ashore daily, making the local restaurants the ideal destination to try typical regional dishes like pasta with lobster. Moreover, there is a charming ice cream bar by the harbor where you can sit by the water and enjoy a delicious ice cream.

Discover the hidden palazzi of Pino 

Pino is a charming and secluded village. It is perched high on the mountainside and surrounded by lush oak forests.

Pino has a rich history, with its peak during the Middle Ages. However, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, most of the residents left the village to emigrate to America. Pino has never fully recovered from this exodus. Ironically, the abandonment and faded glory contribute to the appeal of Pino today.

Pino, Cape Corse, Corsica

The oak forests surrounding the village are home to abandoned houses and even impressive villas called palazzi. These beautiful, luxurious buildings were financed with money sent back from emigrants in America. These palazzi immediately stand out because they differ so much from traditional Corsican architecture. What catches the eye is their impressive size, large windows, and a modern approach to both hygiene and comfort.

Want to discover more of Pino? At the small harbor at the bottom of the cliffs, you can find the 17th-century old, abandoned Couvent, Saint François. Additionally, you can also admire the impressive Genoese Tower of Scalo.

Pino, Cape Corse, Corsica

Visit the town of Nonza and its black beach

Nonza is known for its breathtaking location on the of top a rock. This place has a rich history, with traces dating back to prehistory.

From this rocky vantage point, they could spot pirates approaching from afar, making the location of invaluable strategic value. The first mentions of a settlement on this rock date back to the year 1109 AD. The village developed around a castle, which was destroyed by the Genoese in the fifteenth century.

Nonza, Cape Corse, Corsica

Despite various challenges, such as pirate raids and a plague epidemic in the late sixteenth century, this unique village is still known to this day as one of the most picturesque places in Northern Corsica.

One remarkable sight is the strikingly pink-painted 16th-century church of Saint Julie. The interior of the church boasts beautiful decorations on the walls and several paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Another notable attraction is the Paoline Tower, which was built in the 18th century on the site of an ancient castle. From the tower, you not only have a stunning view of the sea and the village but also of the ruins of the old castle, creating a breathtaking setting.

A few hundred meters south of Nonza, you can see the ruins of the 13th-century monastery of Saint Francis.

Beneath Nonza, there is a unique beach. This can only be reached on foot via a rather steep path. This beach is a relatively recent addition to the village and was formed from waste rock dumped into the sea by an asbestos factory that operated along the coast in the 1950s. The beach has a distinctive gray color, and while sunbathing is considered safe, swimming from this beach is not recommended.

Plage Nonza, Cape Corse, Corsica

Discovering more of Cape Corse on foot?

Cap Corse is divided into 18 municipalities, each with its own unique charm and character. What truly sets this area apart for adventurous travelers and nature enthusiasts are the numerous hiking trails that meander through this beautiful landscape. These hiking paths not only offer the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Cap Corse but also to discover the rich history and culture of this region.

Each municipality has its own specific hiking routes that provide visitors with the chance to explore the various facets of Cap Corse. You can find an overview of all these walks on this website under ‘Walks & walks.

The best things to do around Cape Corse

Discover the historical centre Bastia 

Bastia is a historic port city and is the second-largest city in Corsica. This city serves as the primary gateway to the island for ferries arriving from the French mainland and Italy.

Bastia has a rich history dating back to Genoese rule in the 14th century, evident in the well-preserved old town with narrow streets, ancient buildings, and historic churches. One of the most striking attractions is the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral, an impressive example of baroque architecture with beautiful frescoes and an observation point offering panoramic views of the city and the harbor.

Eglise saint Jean Baptise Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica
Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica

The old harbor of Bastia, also known as the Vieux Port, is the beating heart of the city, where you can enjoy picturesque promenades along the waterfront, surrounded by colorful houses and numerous restaurants and cafes. Here, you’ll also find Place Saint-Nicolas, a bustling square teeming with activity, serving as a meeting point for both locals and tourists.

Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica
Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica
Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica
Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica

A stroll through the city also provides an opportunity to experience Corsica’s rich culinary culture. The local cuisine blends Mediterranean influences with unique Corsican flavors. Here, you can savor the famous Corsican charcuterie, cheese, and seafood dishes in the numerous cozy dining establishments.

Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica
Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica
Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica
Bastia, Cape Corse, Corsica

Bastia is not just a historic city but also a vibrant and culturally diverse destination. The annual Bastia Music Festival attracts music enthusiasts from around the world, and it’s just one of the many cultural events that take place here throughout the year.

Bastia is a city steeped in history and charm, and a visit is definitely a must on a Corsican tour.

The wine route of Patrimonio

Do you love wines? Then the Patrimonio wine route is a must-do! This route stretches across rolling hills, lush vineyards, and historic villages, offering wine enthusiasts and travelers a unique opportunity to explore Corsica’s rich wine culture.

Patrimonio, Cap Corse, Corsica

Patrimonio is primarily known for its characteristic Corsican wine, especially the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) Patrimonio wines, which have gained recognition worldwide. This region predominantly cultivates indigenous grape varieties, namely Nielluccio for red and rosé wines and Vermentinu for white wines.

The Patrimonio wine route provides the opportunity to visit various wineries and cellars, where you can not only enjoy delightful wines but also learn more about the production process and the history of winemaking in this area. The welcoming wine producers are eager to share their passion for wine and their knowledge of Patrimonio’s unique terroir. Some renowned estates you can visit include:

Want to visit more wineries? Then it’s best to inquire for more information at the tourist office of Saint Florent.

As you travel along the wine route, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, with vineyards stretching all the way to the Mediterranean coastline. From Col de Teghime, you’ll have the most breathtaking view by far.

Col de Teghime, Cap Corse, Corsica

Along the way, you’ll encounter charming villages. One of them is the eponymous village of Patrimonio, where the old streets and stone houses create an idyllic backdrop for your wine adventure. By the way, you’ll also find a delicious and wonderfully cozy open-air restaurant, Libertalia Bistro Tropical, where you should definitely make a stop.

Strolling along the harbor of Saint-Florent. 

Saint-Florent is a charming harbor town and one of the most beloved destinations on the island. This picturesque place, also known as the “Little Saint-Tropez” due to its appeal to celebrities and water sports enthusiasts, offers a unique atmosphere.

One of the most prominent attractions is the old harbor of Saint-Florent. Here, you can enjoy boat trips to nearby beaches and the beautiful Gulf of Saint-Florent.

Saint Florent, Cape Corse, Corsica

The historic center of the town is a maze of narrow streets, surrounded by ancient fortifications. Here, you’ll find an abundance of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants where you can indulge in Corsican specialties like fish, seafood, and local wines. Be sure to visit Maison Salge as well, where you can savor the most delicious ice creams with typical Corsican flavors such as chestnut and brocciu.

A must-visit in Saint-Florent is the Cathedral of Saint-Florent, dating back to the 12th century and a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture. The cathedral also houses a museum featuring religious art and artifacts.

For nature enthusiasts, the surroundings of Saint-Florent offer some breathtaking opportunities. The desert-like Agriates area, accessible through an adventurous drive or hike, harbors some of Corsica’s most pristine and secluded beaches, such as Saleccia and Loto.

With its unique atmosphere and excellent coastal location, close to Cape Corse, Patrimonio, and Bastia, Saint-Florent serves as the ideal base for further exploring this region.

Cape Corse is a destination that will enchant both nature lovers and culture seekers. With its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant villages, this northern peninsula of Corsica is an unforgettable place to explore. Whether you want to relax on the beach, savor the local cuisine, or embark on adventurous activities, Cape Corse has something for everyone.

Is Cape Corse, the northern peninsula of Corsica, already on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

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The best things to do in Cape Corse, Corsica
the best things to do in Cape Corse, Corsica

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